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Why do I need a professionally-designed logo?

by Graphic Design & Illustration Professional Dan Sauer

First impressions are important. A well-designed logo will help your company shine in that defining moment and be memorable in the future.

Your logo is the face your company shows to the world. It can persuade potential clients to connect with you. In a market flooded with logos, it should stand out as a solid expression of your company's core values. We create your logo to embody the spirit, attitude and aspirations of your business in a meaningful way.

The most common logo formats (pictured above) are:

  • Wordmark: Uses unique styling of text to spell out the company name. Clear branding without the use of symbols or illustrations. Coca-Cola, Disney and Netflix logos are wordmarks.
  • Lettermark: Represents the company by using its initials to create a symbol. This can be an effective way to brand a company whose name is long or complicated.  HBO, IBM and CNN use lettermarks.  
  • Iconic: Adidas, DropBox and Toyota are examples of iconic logos. Companies such as Apple and Nike have developed their brand so much that the symbol stands on its own without the name. 
  • Emblem: A logo that encapsulates the brand name within the design. This can take the form of shields, circles, boxes, or combinations. Starbucks, Harley-Davidson and Warner Brothers logos are emblems.  
  • Illustrative: Representative graphics, rather than abstract symbols, convey the brand’s personality. The graphic is then combined with a wordmark. Red Lobster, The Hartford and Pittsburgh Zoo logos are good examples.
  • Mascot: A type of illustrative logo, using a graphic character (sometimes cartoonish) to represent the brand. Mascot logos are widely used among sports teams. Examples include KFC, Quaker and Michelin.  
  • Combination/Event: A combination of logo types used to communicate a lot of specific information. Logos for annual events, which require the event name, dates, slogan and an icon or illustration fall into this category. 

The logo should be designed to grow with your business and to change as needed to make the best impression on future clients. It's important to avoid faddish elements in the design. A pro designer knows how to build your logo with a timeless feel that will keep it from becoming dated.

Your Dan Sauer-designed logo will work effectively in a variety of sizes and environments. It can be used on your:

  • Storefront
  • Website
  • Stationery
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Signage
  • All other advertising

The logo is the cornerstone of your company's image, and will set the tone for all your communications. Just as a poorly-laid foundation will weaken the structure built on it, a lackluster logo can spoil your branding efforts. It may turn off potential clients by sending the message that your operation isn't ready for prime time.

A well-designed logo accurately reflects your company and confirms you're a serious, professional business. So order your custom logo today!